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The possibilities are endless



In this interview with the creator and owner of The Haas Cienda, Cheryl talks about the history of the property and why she decided to develop it into something more. She also shares her vision for The Haas Cienda and the possibilities to build the future for your children and making it a home-away-from-home.

What is the history of the Haas Cienda?
    The Haas Cienda has been my family home since I was born in 1968. It is Site 1 Block 1 in the town of Langenburg, and sits, so proudly, overlooking the town. I have always been so happy there and I wanted to create a building that was unique to this area - something that would offer residents comfort, security, and a true sense of home. The entire building offers a feeling of quiet and comfort and this has been expressed to me many times by the people who have lived there. I knew in my mind what I wanted it to look like and it has come to life. I always felt that my home had bigger things to offer and I know that the time is right for it to offer even more. 

What are some of the features of the Haas Cienda?

     The best features of The Haas Cienda are what you see when you first see the building itself. It sits in the center of a large tree-lined yard, which is an entire block long. The yard itself is 1.1 acres. The building is what you would expect to see in a National Park - big and grand! There are decks for each suite that just beckons for a relaxing visit. The inside of the house has a character home feel that I worked hard to keep. The common areas are bright and airy and easily accessible. Each suite has its own distinctive qualities but each is fully furnished. The decor includes tall ceilings and warm colours.

What was your original vision for the Haas Cienda?

     My vision for The Haas Cienda has always been a place to come to and relax, a home away from home - safe and secure. There is nothing like it around the area. It's the type of place where once you have seen it and have been inside, you will never forget it. I knew it could fill many roles, all of the visitors have been really happy at the Haas Cienda as I have worked hard to create an environment that is easy, convenient, and enjoyable. 

In your opinion, what are the advantages of the location of the Haas Cienda?

     The Haas Cienda's south side of the property sits along a trucking route. Accessibility to the yard is a very attractive feature as it is easily seen and found. Langenburg sits along the Yellowhead Highway and is central between Saskatoon and Winnipeg as well as 2 1/2 hours away from both Regina and Brandon. We are 10 miles from the Manitoba border and 1 hour North of the No. 1 highway. The yard itself is two blocks away from downtown and one block away from a brand new school. We have situated a half-an-hour away from the Asessippi Ski Area and Resort and the Lake of The Prairies. In addition, there are at least 10 golf courses within a 30-minute drive of The Haas Cienda. While Langenburg is a town of 1200, we do not lack fun things to do.

Where can I find more details on The Haas Cienda for my daughter?

    You can find out more about The Haas Cienda School for Girls on the page I've created here. There is a detailed document to which you can download, as well as photos available. If you have any more questions or need more information, please reach out directly to the email provided on the main page.

What type of education will my daughter be getting at The Haas Cienda?

    We are working hard with the Saskatchewan Education Ministry to see which route will work best for your child(ren). Due to COVID19 we switched gears and have high hopes to open as an independent school for the 2023/2024 year. One of The Haas Cienda main goals is to give life experiences, culture, and build friendships for young women from all walks of life.

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