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About The Haas Cienda

The Haas Cienda School for Girls is a beautiful 745 square meter home in the middle of the town of Langenburg, Canada. A town with a population of 1400 residents and is located along the 16 Yellowhead Highway on the east side of the province of Saskatchewan. Langenburg Central School (LCS) prides itself on putting students first.

About The Instructors

The owner and operator of The Haas Cienda is Cheryl Haas. Cheryl converted and expanded her family home where she grew up to create The Haas Cienda. Cheryl has a passion for helping girls to learn life skills, as well as academically, to grow into well-rounded women. The Haas Cienda will also have House Mothers 24 hours-a-day. The goal is to ensure a safe, expansive experience for all girls of the school. The girls will be well supported throughout their entire experience. Weekly emails will be sent to the parents to keep them up-to-date on progress, activities, classes, and accomplishments. Our goal is to have Girls coming back to study ESL for all their high school years. We want to have the girls see The Haas Cienda as their Canadian home long after they leave our doors. Just because a career path might take them to a different corner of the world, the support of The Haas Cienda will continue for the girls that have aged out of our facilities. It is our intention to build a family atmosphere that will have a large impact on each of their lives.

Langenburg Amenities

Langenburg has some amazing local attractions and cultural activities such as  St. John’s Ambulance First Aid Certificate, 4-H Babysitting, Child Care Course, Food Safety and Handling, Mental Health and Wellness, Household Maintenance/Yard Care. Basic Quilting & Basic Sewing, the girls will even make themselves a blouse and skirt, how cute!

Personal Defense Class, Cooking Classes, Cake Decorating, Baking Classes, Etiquette Classes, Stain Glass Making, Carpentry Work and Car Care and Maintenance.
We also know how important basic life skills are such as Time Management and Budgeting.

Langenburg is also, less than a 12-hour drive to Banff National Park. 

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